Monday, September 20, 2010

Surprise 35

For my 35th birthday Ronda organized a surprise dinner party at Arnoldi's Cafe, a great family friendly Italian restaurant in Santa Barbara (also one of the oldest restaurants in SB established in 1937). It was a beautiful evening so we dined alfresco next to the bocce ball court. The kids ran around with balloons and bocce balls while the adults sipped wine and ate bruschetta & calamari. It was a wonderful & relaxing evening. And it was a complete surprise!! I cannot believe they actually got me. Thank you all for a wonderful birthday!!

God he is such a gorgeous little man!

I would say this is Connor's cake face.

Ronda put together a beautiful scrapbook (which I can tell took hour and hours to make) which she made out of a collection of notes & pictures from different friends and family. Really who would not love a book about herself especially one that tells you why you are loved and the pictures to prove it. AWESOME gift! Thank you Ronda and to all of my wonderful friends and family who contributed. I love you all.

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