Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Big Big News . . .

We are thrilled to announce we are expecting baby no. 2! So here is the 1st picture of the little kidney bean. You can already tell from this picture what a photogenic baby this is right?

And Connor well, Connor is very excited about being a big brother! He is the last of his little friends to join the ranks of 'big brother or big sister'. He has been telling people for months that "my parents are working on it." Now he can officially say he is going to be a big brother! He's been very affectionate. He wants to kiss my belly every 5 minutes and has been so lovey since we found out.
Connor even came with us to the ultrasound appointment and was so excited that the doctor gave him the 1st ultrasound picture that printed out.

The official due date is September 19th one day before my birthday but because this will be a scheduled c-section our delivery date will be Sept 12. Yipppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
We are beyond happy.


  1. I knew it! I had a feeling when I saw you at Mishay and I noticed you toasting to water in one of the Vegas pics (at least I think it was your glass amongst the Blood Marys).

    CONGRATULATIONS! And let me know if you want to schedule your anesthesiologist. :)

  2. Thanks Jenn! Unfortunately that was not me toasting with water in Vegas... I wish I had known in Vegas or in Arizona, I would not have had such boozy vacations. I guess I had a few good last hoorahs ;) Now its time to get healthy.

    And I'll let you know about scheduling my anesthesiologist as we get a bit closer. Thanks!

  3. Oh my...then that makes me psychic! I swear you had that glow at Mishay! :)

  4. Yippee! That is one cute kidney bean!


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