Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Connor the Mountain Climber

This past weekend we did lots of walking! Right now if I'm not moving or eating I feel nauseous, so we kept on the move all weekend. Connor loved it! We walked from our house down town to the Mission and back, we walked down town to the mall, we hiked around Rocky Nook Park, we walk/hiked up inspiration point (much to Chris's dismay we didn't make it to the top BUT only because I made us turn around because it was starting to get dark.) I know Connor could have done the whole hike because when we got home he was still full of energy. Connor had been asking for a long time if we'd take him to the moutains. And I think the beautiful snowy caps this weekend inspired us.

Snow capped mountains in SB . . . YES!
(Image stolen from

Hiking up to Inspiration Point.
Beautiful view of SB and the ocean behind us.

It was a very beautiful hike. It's really green this time of year and due to the Jesusita fire a lot of the trees are black. The stark contrast between the black trees and the green plants was really quite pretty.

Then the following day we took Connor to Rocky Nook Park and hiked around and played in the creek. When he is outside near water he is the happiest kid!

Connor running down the path to the creek.

Lots of water for skipping stones.

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