Monday, April 18, 2011

Tennis anyone?

Well maybe not. Connor had his 1st group tennis lesson last week. They practiced proper position, did some running games, a balancing game and hitting contest. He seemed to have fun the entire time. So I was a little surprised that on our walk to the car when I asked him if he wanted to come back next week and do it again his response was "Um no thank you". And while I was a bit disappointed I was also a bit relieved. Tennis is not cheep and I definitely don't want to push Connor into something he doesn't want to do or pay to do that. We do need to find something were he can run a lot because he loves to run and race.

Poor poor iphone picture but it's the only one I have.

On a side note Connor's swimming is improving by leaps and bounds. He now will now take several breaths in a row instead of trying to hold his breath until he gets to the edge. It's going to be a great summer watching this guy swim.


  1. Can't wait until that pool heater is fixed and the kids can do more swimming! Will be a fun summer at the pool!


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