Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Connor's big birthday trip

For Connor's birthday this year instead of throwing him a party that would be over in a few hours we wanted to give him an adventure he'd always remember. So we spent a few days in Bass Lake & Yosemite National Park. Connor got to drive a real boat, ride a huge steam engine through snowy mountains, snowball fight with grandpa, get lots of cuddles, love & gifts from grandma, see Yosemite and hike around the giant sequoias, feel the freezing spray from the powerful Yosemite Falls, see El Capitan, make smores, see a few deer in person, stay up late & become a knight.

Thank you grandma and grandpa for the knight costume. Connor loves being a knight and saving the princesses from the dragons.

Grandpa showed us how to play shuffle board and Connor got pretty good after just a few try's.

The restaurant had such a beautiful view of the lake.

We spent Saturday in beautiful Yosemite. The temperature was in the low 40s. COLD!

We saw 6 deer grazing in a field but that was all the wild life we saw. The park was actually pretty crowded so I think all that noise scared most wild life away.

Behind to the left is El Capitan and behind on the right is Yosemite Falls.

Connor sporting his new big boy hiking backpack. North Face for the littles . . . so cute.

The beautiful and huge sequoias.

Getting ready to throw a snowball at my camera.

Getting lots of love and attention from Grandma and Grandpa.

The weather up at Bass Lake & in Yosemite was pretty cold and cloudy but on one afternoon we had just enough of a break to get out on the lake for a boat ride. Connor was in absolute heaven when Chris let him drive the boat. The boat didn't go very fast but Connor loved controlling the throttle and making it go fast, slow, fast, slow, fast . . . well you get the picture.

A real steam engine. I don't know who was more excited Connor or Dad. Chris has always loved trains and this is just like the models he played with as a child.

What a great adventure. Happy 4th birthday Connor!

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  1. Wow, more beautiful than I imagined. The view from the restaurant looks like a painting hanging behind you! And you forgot to tell me about the smores when giving me the recap at the gym. Priceless pictures.


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