Sunday, May 1, 2011

This weekend we had fun fun fun!!!

On Saturday we went to a beach birthday party and saw a humpback whale come to the surface and do a big spray from it's blow hole (twice), Connor caught his 1st fish. He caught a small mouth bass from the little pond on our friends ranch (sadly I didn't get a picture). Then we went to the harbor and had dinner at Endless Summer Grill, which is fun and very family friendly. After dinner we took a lovely walk down the break wall and saw a harbor seal playing in the water. A whale, a seal & a bass in one day . . . pretty amazing.

Chris and I had a short date Sunday morning. We got starbucks and went to Goleta for a quiet morning walk on my favorite country road.

Check out that view . . . so peaceful.

We went to Chapala Farms to get a few plants for the tiny tiny garden we are planting. While there Connor fed the chickens & ducks and we walk out with a dozen fresh eggs & several heirloom tomato plants. We couldn't wait until morning so we had the eggs for dinner & they were delicious!

Sunday afternoon we rented a surrey and rode down to the bird refuge and had lunch and virgin pina coladas at Cafe del Sole. Connor LOVED riding the surrey, he was seriously squealing with excitement as we rode.

There is the big mama. 20 weeks preggers on Monday! Yay! Half way there! We can't wait to meet you baby Jessica.

Our little seal. We have new underwater camera that we need to practice on. Underwater shooting is a little tough due to the weightlessness and not being able to hold still for a picture.

Happy little swimming smile.

To more weekends like this!


  1. wasn't it glorious?! so glad y'all were able to enjoy it. and congrats on the halfway point! you still can't even tell your preggers, girl! xoh

  2. I LOVE the underwater pictures!


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