Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend

What a great 3 day weekend. We had an epic beach day on Saturday. We spent 7 hours at hammonds beach (Chris's favorite beach). Chris built a huge dinosaur sandcastle with Connor, which attracted lots of different friends throughout the day. Man do boys love to dig! They dug on and off all day, such great entertainment. Chris surfed twice that day and was a wee bit excited when Jack Johnson gave him a wave. Mommy got to hang out with the ladies. We took walks and relaxed, catching up on gossip and the latest hot reads, fashion and royals.

Jessy, Julie and Big Mama.

Later that day they killed the dino and made a slide for Thatcher. Digging trully is non stop fun for Connor.
We spent the next day at the beach too but no pictures :(


On the 4th we went to a BBQ at the Strong's house where we also celebrated Bill's birthday.

I love love this picture of Thatcher.

Happy 4th everyone.

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