Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Oh Saturday

The busy schedule of 4 year old Connor.

Connor started the day by goofing around. He ran into mom and dad's room with his bug hat on and dad's shoes. He thought he was pretty hilarious.

Then we met his new BFF's at the zoo for a play date. Connor adores my friend Chelsea's 2 kids Harper and Sutter. The 1st time he met Harper he was instantly in love with her. He was saying things like "I wish she was my mom, can she sleep over, I wish she lived with us", I told him we'll start off with a play date and see how it goes but that she probably would not become his mom. And the "big boy" Sutter is going into first grade and can do a lot of "big boy" things, like climb a tree, read all the signs at the zoo and throw a fake punch. Connor was quite impressed by all of this.

We also enjoyed a cool animatronic dinosaur show while at the zoo.

Then we took Connor kayaking for the 1st time. It was beautiful afternoon and so much fun.

Gorgeous views! This is why we live here!

This lucky boy got to see a seal or seal lion it was hard to tell playing in the water about 6 feet from his kayak. Unfortunately we didn't get a picture :(

Then we went for a nice walk by the beach to get some ice cream.
(Notice the matching shirts. Every weekend Connor asks dad if they can wear their tiger strip shirts together. It's so adorable to see how much he wants to be just like his daddy.)

Later Uncle Terri came by for a visit and the boys rode their bikes down to Arrigato (Connor's favorite restaurant and also the same restaurant Chris and I had our 1st dinner date at).

And off they go.
If only everyday could be that fun.

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  1. Wow that really is a lot of fun stuff! I love that Connor's favorite restaurant is Arigato!

  2. Very cool that it was Connor's first time kayaking but I am more impressed with the very pregnant La La getting in a kayak and a life vest!

  3. Ronda I don't know how many mote times I'll be able to fit in a life jacket or get in and out of a kayak ;)


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