Monday, July 23, 2012

Grandma and Grandpa visit us in SB

 We took Grandma and Grandpa to Haskell's beach. We had a blast watching the kids while relaxing in the sun. It was perfect weather too! 
 Jessy looked absolutely scrumptious in Grandma's beach hat. 

 And look at those chunky thighs are!!!!

 Jessy was modeling for us. 

 Connor played in the water with Grandpa for hours. I'm so glad we got one last really good beach day in SB.

 Just splashing away.

Jessy was just happy to be there too. 

Connor, Dad and Grandpa all wet and happy. 

Grandma and Grandpa arrived on Thursday in time to pick up Connor from school. He was so excited to see them and give them the pictures he colored for them.

 It was also a special day because it was the last day Connor and Sam would be at Good Shepard together. 

 They gave each other big hugs to say goodbye but I really don't think they understand how much life is about to change.

 Grandma playing with baby Jess. 

 It was an absolutely perfect evening for dinner on the beach. 
Toes in the sand and mai tai in hand.

 Jessy enjoying the orange off mommy's mai tai.

 Connor and Grandma played in the sand while we relaxed. It was so nice to have the Grandparents with us. Connor was a happy boy all weekend!

 Family photo session :)

And of course one night we had to have dinner at Los Gallos our favorite Mexican food restaurant. 

And it's not a sad goodbye because we'll see them again in a few days. 

We love you Grandma and Grandpa.

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