Thursday, July 12, 2012

What have we been up to?

We have been as busy as bees lately; getting ready for the big move, spending as much time with friends as possible and just keeping up with these kids.

Our garage is a staging area of packed boxes. Some ready for two years in a dark storage unit and some destine for a long trip over seas. Man is moving a pain in the butt!

 Speaking of butts, here is a cute one. This little naked butt just loves standing up. 

We sold the Acura last week. Now we have to figure out what to do with the Lexus. We are trying export it to Holland but it looks like that might not happen. But never say never. This whole process has been full of "no", "well yes" & "well maybe not"s.

 For our last 4th of July we bbq'd with the Willbanks at the ranch beach. Unfortunately the sun didn't come out until we were leaving :( But we still had a great time.

 Connor got to enjoy a little dip in the hot tub and baby Jess got a good snuggle in from big Jess. 

 We had a fun last museum date with Luke, Solie and Elena. The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History has added a terrific new dino exhibit. If you have boys it's a must see! 

 We had a very special last pool date with Bella and Leila. Baby Jess loved the pool!

 This is the face Jess makes every time the Fallon's dog lollipop comes near her. 

Here is a picture of Lollipop. So Scary.

Thatchie showing me how to gargle with yogurt.

Bathing Beauty. I will miss that bath tub. 

 Baby Jess and I had a special brunch date with Leila and Marina.

 And finally here is Connor and Sam attempting to pick lemons off the Fallon's tree.

Like I said busy as bees over here.

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