Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A weekend at home

These pictures are in random order but here are some pictures of a great weekend at home playing in the garden with friends. 

Scrumptious little Jess.

Doing what she loves best, walking with her walker.

Sharing a laugh with Lucy.

We played lots of soccer AKA 'football'. This game was moms against kids.

So focused.

And score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Out cold. 

A little snack and a sip of wine.

This is David, sweet and cute and quite tolerant of the big kids and loves baby Jess.

Connor proudly sporting his field hockey headband with his buddy Clair Bear.

A little dorkin around before heading off to dinner. 

Breakfast the next morning.

The morning light was just magical on Sunday.


I love you sweet Jessie girl. You are turning one this week.

We locked them in the pack n play on the patio and they happily played together all day.

We also played lots of Tball. Chris was really into it.

Doran was the kids team coach. Connor and Clair said "he was the best coach they ever had".
It was such a nice weekend relaxing at home with friends... that we all got the Monday blues when it was over.

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