Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Brussels, Belgium

This weekend we did a quick family trip to Brussels, Belgium. 1st I will say that the people there are so friendly and hospitable. Everyone from the hotel clerks, the waiters, museum guards and even all of the tourists were kind and helpful. Brussels is the capital of the EU (European Union) (which I did not know but thought was pretty interesting) as well as the capital city of Belgium. There are 3 main languages of Belgium: French, Flemish (Dutch) & German. While in Brussels most people we encountered spoke French. What language are the signs in you may ask, well many of them are in all 3 languages as well as English. It was super easy to get around and because they are accustomed to all the tourist most people spoke at least a little English. 
Someone we were speaking with pointed out that many Americans are surprised to know that many Europeans speak 3 or 4 languages. It's because in Europe you go 2 hrs in another direction and you are in a completely different country and culture with a different language. It's a necessity to speak many languages however the U.S. is so large that you can travel quite far and the language never changes. 
Well I guess that will be to our benefit in someways because many Europeans speak English as well and are very helpful. I hope this experience will open Connor up to learning many foreign languages. We are all learning new words as we go . . . mostly words concerning food and eating ;)

Our 1st stop after checking into our hotel was this really neat al fresco seafood joint. It's located on a corner and set up on empty fish crates. The food and service were both fantastic! It's all small plates so you can try many things. Here is our 4 language speaking server Willy. He made our intro to Brussels a very warm one. 


Two happy parents after a few glass of white wine and some yummy food.

See how you just walk right up and order and eat . . . some people linger over a glass of wine while others walked up ate and moved on. Such a cool concept.

 I did not get a decent shot of the food so here is one from tripadvisor.

Foto's van Noordzee Mer du Nord, Brussel
Deze foto van Noordzee Mer du Nord is beschikbaar gesteld door TripAdvisor

For you Holley :-)
The manneken pis is a famous statue in Belgium. Pretty silly.

Had to make a stop for fuel.

Stella Artois, brewed in LeuvenBelgium since 1926 and I would say I really enjoy this beer.  I was surprised that I could not order it everywhere. hmmmm

 I just thought this was a neat sculpture. 

Yes, little Jessy girl likes the Belgium chocolate. 

 Bikes, Bikes, Bikes.  Similar to France, Bikes are easily attainable for rent.

 A view of the Cathedral.

We toured the Royal Palace. 

We hit the Atomium, which is left over from the 1958 world fair. Along with the giant atomium we hit mini-europe. 

 Mommy's knight in shining armor. 

Mini Europe is a miniature model park. It's was really educational not super exciting but I feel like I learned a bit and hopefully Connor did.

Dorking around :)


  1. Great pics! You look so happy La!

  2. What a fabulous experience! Thanks for sharing so we can all travel vicariously! You all look happy :-)

  3. Yay for living it up! So glad you are having a blast!!

  4. Thanks for fulfilling my request! That statue/fountain cracks me up every time. I've never seen him in that particular costume. Totally made me smile, so merci! And I agree, y'all look so happy. So many wonderful shots. Glad y'all are livin' it up! xoh

  5. Reese and Jack's GwammaSeptember 5, 2012 at 3:33 PM

    I loved the picture of the Atomium. When the World's Fair was on in 1958, we traveled through Brussels and went to the Fair. (Yep, I'm THAT old - but I was just a teenager then!) I even have a souvenir coffee spoon from then that I have kept all these years. Take a good look at it for me, OK? Jealous. Jealous.
    Reese and Jack's Gwamma

  6. Wonderful photos, Laurie! The wine, the food, the chocolate, the international flare. What's not to love about Belgium? The kids are looking cute & content, as always.


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