Thursday, October 18, 2012

Enjoying Home

Jessy has become the most cuddly, sweet, adorable little toddler. She likes to hug all of her stuffed animals. She is always coming over to Chris and I and putter her head in our laps... seriously soooooo sweet.

I've been told she looks like me and I have to agree. There are moments when I am looking into her eyes and I feel like I am looking at myself... I love my little baby me so much it makes me cry.

Connor and Jess are starting to "play" together a little bit. He will bring her a toy car and she will make broom broom noises and push it on the rug with him. She also LOVES to "play" chase with Connor. She will either chaise him with her walker or speed crawl after him and they both scream and laugh. It's really wonderful to see them interact. 

We finally hung up the swing we bought the 1st week we moved here. Jessy girl really likes it. Although it is a bit of an eye sore in the garden. 

Autumn is in full effect here so we have been enjoying the foliage, warm soup and lots of cozy fires. 

YAY! Jess is finally showing an interest in books. Connor came out of the womb interested in books so it seemed a bit odd that Jess would not sit in my lap and let me read her a book. But that is changing :)

We came across this charming little bridge with this beautiful weepy looking tree while out exploring.

 And we found a petting zoo.

and a zip line. 

Our lovely neighbors Rist and Celine had us over on Saturday evening. Here is Connor with their son Roderick and daughter Benine. 2 of the nicest most well behaved children I have ever met and did I mention Connor just idolizes Roderick. So he was in heaven to be in their home.
This was my 1st encounter with the the infamous herring. The traditional way the Dutch eat herring is raw with a little bit of raw onion. I have been warned about the 'herring' but I thought hey I've eaten a lot of raw fish in my day. SO I went for it. I actually took 2 pieces together (not on purpose) but I regretted it immediately! It was the worst thing I've ever tasted! Horrible! Like licking the bottom of a trash can! I even had a dream that night that a giant herring fish was chasing me down the street. HA 
It's nice having good neighbors.

We are enjoying staying home for a bit and exploring the area we live and getting to know all the nice people around us. I even hosted a mommy happy hour with some of the lovely Dutch mommies from Connor's class. It was wonderful to have a house full of screaming kids... definitely makes it feel more like home.

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  1. I don't know how I missed this post! Your house looks so cozy and I love Jessy's swing. She is such a love bug.


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