Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pictures from October

Here are random iphone pictures from October.

 Jessica pretty much stands up during most baths. Here she is trying to turn on the bubbles. 

Even when brushing her teeth and cleaning her ear . .  . still standing. 

That is not a sad face it's the I'm making bubble noises face. LOL

We went to Muiderslot Castle to see the cool medieval knights armor. 

It was a small but cool castle with a moat and everything.

My little knight. 

 Connor and Jess at the park. As you can tell from the lack of jackets it was a beautiful day.

We went to the zoo and that is Connor climbing across a rope bridge over a brown bear. You heard me a bear!!! Think about it some zoo designer was like I have a great idea. We will have the children dangle over the bear enclosure. They'll love it and maybe it will save us money on bear food. HA 

 Jess is finally interested in the animals.

Ah fall.

Connor riding the go carts by himself. Big boy.

I love love this picture of Jess. I think it really shows her personality. Just happy, happy to be alive, she  really is a joyous child.

Connor and I were both impressed with the prehistoric looking rinos.

and we loved dino land.

We had a playdate at Tafelberg with my friend Sandra and her children. We had a lovely lunch while the children ran around with sheep and played football (soccer) and Jessy practiced her walking. Then we all walked up "Tafelberg" or table mountain (which is really a hill).

Connor loved the Nemo science center. I know all kids love science but I really think Connor is going to be a science and math guy. He just seems very happy when given the opportunity to do either. And it is very exciting as a parent to see his responses when he makes those connections. 

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