Thursday, November 8, 2012

More pictures from October

Connor the Lego man.  He reads/studies his Lego instructions in bed most night.

Here he is in school.

Two girls came in and did a little musical performance/skit. It was very cute to see all the children just light up when they became part of the performance and got to use the instruments too.

He is trying more and more to integrate his Dutch words at home.

We are so proud of you Connor! Keep up the good work.

After school Connor's buddy Toots came over to build Legos. It was amazing how these two communicated. Toots would speak some Dutch and a little bit of English and Connor would speak some English and a little bit of Dutch. Pretty impressive for two 5 year olds.

Jess is getting pretty good at communicating her wants. The other day she demanded an apple which I did not thing she would be able to eat but low and behold, she did. She ate about 1/3 of the apple before she went back to emptying her cupboard. 

She has lots of teeth and one molar. I have yet to get an actual picture of her teeth but she is sure good at using that one molar. Who knew she could eat an apple.

Asleep in the car after a long day of looking at art in the Hague. And yes she is very attached to her binky. I dread the day we try to get rid of it.


  1. a friend sent me your blog. we too moved here in august & also sent our 6 yr old son to a dutch public school. interesting serendipitous life moves.
    my blog:
    would love to connect. perhaps via email. we can trade american-son-in-dutch-school-stories..( i have had some similiar experiences..)

    1. Great to meet you Basha. I would love to exchange stories about our boys adventures or misadventures in Dutch school ;)


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