Thursday, January 10, 2013

Connor this week . . .

He is an eager reader.
A Lego building machine.
A beginner ice skater.
A great sous chef.
A kind person.
Missing his friends back home in Santa Barbara, CA.
A good monopoly player (Cars version).
And thirsty for knowledge!

He chops carrots, zucchini, bell pepper, asparagus, apples even onions with this chopper. It's great because he does not need a knife and all the pieces are uniform in size.

Only his 3rd time ice skating and he is already making progress...

 1st time on the swings.

Always shooting or roaring.

 Always smiling.
A strong hiker.

 The best brother a girl could ask for.

Happy that his determination paid off.

Sometimes even patient. 

Always goofy.

We love you buddy don't ever change.

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  1. Connor, we love you! You are our muse!

    P.S. notice Dad under the red sign, "Best Deal Available." :-)


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