Sunday, January 20, 2013

snow snow fabulous snow

We are really enjoying the snow here in Holland. It really makes everything look magical and the kids love it. 

 The pond at the end of our street froze over. I would not skate on it but it looks mighty pretty.

Another frozen pond 2 streets over.

The deer in the park don't seem to mind it at all.

 Jessica sporting her new snowsuit and a toothy grin. 

Chris loves it!

My very handsome guys.

Connor being a SUPER brother and pulling Jess in the sleigh. Look at her expression... she had her mouth open and smiling pretty much the whole time. (thank you Patou for leaving the sleighs for us to use).


She sure does love her daddy.

The nature preserve across the street from our house has a big open area in the middle so we pulled the kids over for a little sledding.

Connor pushing Jess down the mini hill.

If you look close you can see her little mouth open squealing with delight. 

Yay for snow! 


  1. How absolutely adorable! And funny how I am posting about the beach and you, the snow. Baby Jess is a doll!

  2. How beautiful. What wonderful memories you are creating. The kids are darling.


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