Sunday, April 21, 2013

Class play date & weekend fun.

Well Connor is ALL the way better, thanks to antibiotics! Yipeee! And just in time for the class playdate.

Friday we hosted Connor's KG1 class for a playdate (13 kids). Jessica (Thomas' mom) co-hosted with me. We did a fairy tale themed scavenger hunt in the garden, face painting, lots of playing and then the kids all made their own personal pizza while the mommies enjoyed a glass of wine and supervised the chaos. 

Eating their pizza out in the garden. Jess LOVED being with all the kids. She did her best to keep up.

And I think she stole more than one pizza. HA!

Saturday we rode bikes over to the Laren Hockey fields to watch our neighbor Benine play. We wanted to show Connor a proper field hockey match while we were living here. It was really fun watching the kids. Benine's team was winning 3 to 0 when we had to leave to take Jess home for a nap.

Benine's dad Rist was refereeing (he's on the left). We loved it and I hope that Jess will someday play.
But brrrrrrr was it cold.

Look who we met on the way home. A baby colt. So cute!!!!!!

They told us baby was 2 weeks old. Awwweeee.

Daddy and Jessy doing 'stuck bug' and Connor trying to pretend he is dead. 

Chris and I had a day date in Amsterdam. Yay sunshine & love!!!!!

I was so excited that I was able to catch this guy on camera. This is the giant hair that lives in our garden. I've seen him many times but no one else in our family had. Finally the kids got to see him with me and I was fast enough to get the camera. 

Cute bug bug.

Sunday we played at Vondel Park in Amsterdam. 

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  1. These pics bring smiles to my heart! i am so glad you are enjoying your time living abroad. Hope you have a fab time visiting SB and if I don't get the chance to run into you...Hugs!


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