Saturday, April 13, 2013

These crazy kids

 This is a very busy time for our family. We are planning/getting ready for a trip back to California this month as well as Connor's birthday party, a AWCA wine tasting event at our home, hosting a class playdate, a trip to NYC next month, selling our home in Santa Barbara, taking care of a child with scarlet fever (Connor) and entertaining a very willful and defiant yet adorable 19 month old. That all being said I have not taken enough pictures lately but here are a few from the last 2 weeks.

My 3 sweets coloring on the kitchen floor on a Sunday morning.

Jess loves yogurt and has her own way of eating it by licking it out of the container. HA!

 My little yogurt face. Yum yum :)

Jess falls on her head at the least once a day. She  often has a bruise on her forehead but this was a biggie. Ouch!

One way of hiding a bruise :) and eating more yogurt.

With their age difference of 4 years I didn't think these 2 would have anything to fight about. Was I WRONG! They flight quite a bit but here they are doing Reading Rainbow (highly recommend this educational app) on the ipad like best buds.

Poor Connor has scarlet fever. Who knew in this day and again kids could still get scarlet fever?!?!
This is the sickest (if that's a word) that Connor has ever been. He slept pretty much for 2 days straight with a high fever on the 3rd day he seemed a bit better in the morning but only for a short time before he had another fever and this time with a rash all over his torso. I finally took him to see the doctor that afternoon and he told us Connor had scarlet fever. Scarlet fever is highly contagious and mostly affects kids from 4-8 yrs old. The doctor said it should go away in a few days and to take him home and keep doing what we were doing, lots of rest and keep him hydrated. He has not been hungry for much but he will drink one of the many delicious and nutritious shake recipes from 
Sadly we had to cancel his Star Wars birthday party that was scheduled for this Saturday.  
Feel better soon my lovey boy!


  1. Oh my! I am so sorry Connor has been sick. Charlotte has been terribly sick here, though not with scarlet fever (it has been at her school, though). Hopefully, once the warmer weather takes hold, the illnesses will subside!

    Bisous from France.

  2. Please give Charlotte our well wishes. Fortunately Connor is feeling much better this morning and his rash is almost gone. So happy he looks better today.
    This cold weather has not been easy to these wimpy Californians.

    Looking forward to some warm weather in SB at the end of this month.

    Sending our best to south france :)

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