Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunshine and happiness in SB!

 We are humbled by how fortunate we are to have such wonderful friends! While visiting in SB we were hosted by the Delios and by our good friend Holley. We spent time catching up with friends and making wonderful new memories. Here are some of my favorite pictures from that week. 

Adorable welcome signs from the girls on Marina's front door. 


 It felt like we never left! Connor and the kids fell right back into their normal routine. He has gone through many transitions the last 9 months and at times it pains me to see him feel lonely or left out. It filled my heart to see him so welcomed and comfortable . . . he was HOME.

Connor and Jess were in heaven staying at the Delio's. Friends to play with from the moment you open your eyes until you close them on the pillow.

The kids had a blast bathing together . . . making soap beards and singing and dancing.

Bella and Leila climbed into the crib with baby Jess for a good morning cuddle. 

We enjoyed some time by the pool at the Bacara. Leila was happy to steal the pineapple off my pina coloda ;)

At Yogurtland making silly faces. This is Bella's favorite place to get frozen yogurt so she wanted to take Connor & Jess both of whom loved it!

Connor loved the pancakes Marina made for breakfast.
Thank you: Marina, Phil, Bella & Leila for making our stay at your home so wonderful. You guys are the best! Marina you thought of everything from wonderful guest soaps from fancy spas to the chocolates and beautiful bouquet of rose from your garden. You guys made us feel so welcomed and at home. We love you.

The Fallon's were so sweet to host a BBQ for us. I have been complaining for 9 months that I cannot get a good burger in Holland so Todd & Ronda made sure we had a real American BBQ! Thank you Fallons!
And thank you Victoria and Bill for the new GSF t-shirts. Connor and Jess have been wearing them a ton! 

I have missed these girls so much the last 9 months! 

Connor watching a movie with Gwendolyn, Bella and Sam. Thank you Gwendolyn for the star stickers! 

Baby Jess and Gwendolyn getting better acquainted. 

 AHHHH Arnoldi's and Connor turning 6! There were 25 of us who got together for dinner and bocce ball and celebrating Connor turning 6. What an awesome night!

I love these girls and I'm so happy to be coming home to stay in August. Nothing beats being surrounded by good friends and family!

Connor was thrilled to be with his friends.

 Some serious bocce ball playing.

We love our SB family! XOXO

Sweet Jessy. I could squeeze you to pieces.


On Monday we moved into Holley's home for the 2nd part of our SB trip. Holley thank you for always being such a good friend to our family and an amazing hostess.

Sadly Monday night I did not take many pictures. But here is Jessica enjoying her California avocado while dining alfresco at Holley's. Thank you for the amazing bbq'd steak tacos! They were fantastic just as everything else was at your home. We love you Holls! xoxox

Connor's 1st dive of many that day! We had fun enjoying the pool while Jessica took a nap.

I was loving the Santa Barbara heat and a refreshing sparkling mint cucumber beverage by the pool. This is the life. I wish Chris and Holley were enjoying it with us but they were off working and traveling. 

Yipeeee! Girls night out! We had a great dinner at everyone's favorite sushi place Arrigato.
It was a great meal and very special company.

Our last afternoon / evening we had Mommy Happy Hour at the Paskin's. It was an absolute blast! We enjoyed: sunshine, pizza, music, happy kids, silly songs sang by Todd and Adam, wine, and bit of exercise. (HA!) Thank you Paskin's for the great memories!

Quieting the kids down with a movie . . . it works!

More of my favorite pix from the week in SB.

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