Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beach time in Katwijk.

We spent a week at the beach in Katwijk, Holland. We stayed in a tiny bungalow right on the beach. Where we ate dinner on the beach every night, played with friends, made new friends, took long walks, did lots of reading, digging in the sand and collecting shells. 

Dinner here did not suck! 

Lots of playing . . . 

Diggers . . . 

Laughing with friends . . . 

Our awesome friend Veronica and our beach neighbor/new friend Neline.
That's our bungalow in the background. 

Connor's best mate from the international school Bertram and his mom and their new puppy came out to visit for the day. 

We had a great time with one of my favorite people in Holland Sandra and her beautiful children.
Sandra, I will miss you and your family immensely! xx

Making names with shells.

Beautiful beach and dune walks.

And date night concerts at the beach.

Who knew the beach in Holland would be so enjoyable?! Not me. HA! What a great way to end our Holland adventure.

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