Sunday, August 11, 2013

Part III Countries 5, 6 and 7

This post is way over due because we spent last week at the beach in Katwijk, Holland. I just could not bring myself to sit inside and work on the computer and now I am preparing for our international move which leaves me not much time for blogging . . .  So, here is a very belated conclusion of our 7 counties in 7 days adventure.

After we left the beautiful Swiss Alps we drove about 3.5 hrs to Country #5 Italy. It was a beautiful drive though part of the Alps then down to the Italian coast. We happily arrived at Savona, Italy where we had a wonderful but far too short visit.

(note: by this point we are all running low on laundry and my NGU shirts were not smelling so great)

A break for some sunshine and a seafood lunch by the Mediterranean at the Hotel Mare and then it was back on the road. 

Country # 6 France

We drove for another few hours to Les Issambres, Roquebrune-sur-Argens, France. A charming little beach town in the south of France.

The following pictures are from Les Issambres, St. Maxime and St. Tropez.

(yes still have not done laundry) 
This picture is on the ferry back from St. Tropez, which you can see in the back ground.

Beautiful evening in St. Tropez.

Swimmy girl in Les Issembres.

 This beauty of a beach is in St. Maxime. WOW it was gorgeous! The water was perfectly clear and wonderfully warm another must visit place.

And finally off to Country # 7 - Monaco
What can I say about Monaco, it's fancy & fun. Lots of fancy cars and fancy looking people whom either are celebrities or they think they are. It was really great people watching that is for sure. We were only really there for the afternoon so we did not get to see to much but it was fun to be there and we know we will be back. 

Phew we did it. 7 Countries in 7 days

It was a challenging trip but so much fun and so rewarding! We raised some money and I think lots of awareness. We spoke with many people about the the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation and SMA, people that were interested in knowing more and wanting to donate or help spread with word. The current tally is $6,009. And if you are reading this and wondering can I still donate, yes you can. Click here

Thank you to EVERY ONE who donated or shared our FB link or told a friend or asked more questions! We were humbled by the support from everyone. 

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