Friday, December 20, 2013

Jessica Sloan Stone 2 year 3 months

At 2 years 3 months Jessica is starting to let a few words trickle out but only when she feels like it. Currently she can say the following words: Mama, Dada, BaBa (that is what she calls Connor), more, down, me, baby, happy, go, pease (please), hi, bye bye, ball and yes which really sounds like yase.


loves music and dancing.

is very strong... she can hang from the monkey bars with one hand! 

likes to "help" in the kitchen.

likes to play legos and football with dad and Connor.

loves horses and asked Santa for a rocking horse.

finds our Elf on the shelf multiple times a day.

occasionally poops on the potty.

likes to eat: rice, pasta, avocado, apples, crackers, cheese sticks, toast with peanut butter, scrambled eggs, cereal bars, cereal and other carbs. 

Whenever she gets the slightest boo boo she asks for ice and will hold it on her ouchey for all of 2 seconds before excitedly smiling and showing you she's all better. She really is a tough girl... in fact in the last month she has tumbled down a full flight of stairs and fallen off a donkey both times she recovered in less than a minute. 

Jessy knows all of her body parts, we go over them daily: hands, fingers, arms, eyes, nose, feet, neck, wrist, ankles, knees etc. She loves it!

Jessy also has a naughty side... on ocasion she will hit Connor out of no where or out of anger, she often sticks her tough out at him and spends plenty of time in "Time Outs". 

She is super silly and loves to make people laugh and once she has done something funny she will keep doing it over and over to keep you laughing.

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