Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving week was packed with fun, family and friends. 

 Chris and I attended one of our favorite annual holiday parties . . . the Paskin's pre-Thanksgiving Feast. Thank you Sarah and Mike for a wonderful time and for your friendship.

I love these ladies and I'm super Thankful for each of them!

The Friday before Thanksgiving we had a special sleep over date with Reese for her 6th birthday. We did glitter crafts, watched a movie and had cupcakes. Then Connor made her do math review while they were going to bed . . . not sure she really enjoyed that part of the evening. HA! 

Then Grandma arrive the following afternoon. Connor was over the moon to see her. He didn't even wait for her to get out of the car to give her a big hug.

Jessy was pretty enamored with the blow up Santa at Kmart. 
We may see him on our lawn next year . . . who knows :)

We had beautiful sunrises and sunsets all week. This was sunrise one morning that week.

Grandma came to school and took a little tour of Connor's classroom and met Connor's teacher Mrs.Zink.

Happy Christmas shoppers :)

Jessica is definitely following in brother's footsteps and becoming quite a builder.

Uncle Terry and his fiancee Jennifer joined us for dinner and games and a bit of dancing. :)

Connor at the dentist getting a few fillings :(
This is a smile with his face numb . . . I was very nervous his face would stay like this. Fortunately it did not!
Hopefully we will not need any more fillings. EVER!

 And Thanksgiving Day! I was very happy with my table... simple and elegant. I am loving our new place in SB and have been having a blast decorating it for the holidays. Yay holiday season!!!!

Love this picture of Grandma and the family. I may be bias but they are pretty darn cute! xxoo

Happy Thanksgiving

Every year Chris cooks the Turkey, I am so grateful he does it because I know I don't want to ;)
Thanks love! One of the million reasons I am Thankful for Chris! 

 Happy boy and happy grandma.
My cute little princess. 

I love her eyes in this pic. Jessy girl you are too cute.

Mommy and Jessy. 

The day after Thanksgiving we went tree shopping and found 2 absolutely perfect trees. One for the kids and one for mommy. 

One afternoon we walked Grandma to the bluffs to see the sea. It was a gorgeous walk however the way back was a bit of a disaster because Jessy had quite a tantrum most of the walk back to the house. . . that is the risk you take going on a long walk with a 2 year old. 

I love the light in this pic.

Being with Grandma makes my kids so happy. I hope we get to see her lots this year! 

Jessy and Grandma saying goodbye before Dad and Connor drove her to Burbank for her flight home. We miss you already Grandma.

Sunday we spent the day enjoying the amazing weather swimming at the club. Dec 1 and the temps were mid 70's. Awesome. 
Did I say yet how happy we are to be back in S.B.! 

Feeling extremely grateful for good friends, family, health, California weather and a simple life.

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  1. Looks like it was a very beautiful, special and fun Thanksgiving for the Stones! So glad y'all are back!


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