Monday, January 25, 2016

More catch up from the last 6 months . . .

 We really made every day of summer count. We kayaked, surfed, paddle boarded, swam, sailed, fished, built sand castles, boogie boarded and played EVERY DAY!

I had some of the best days of my life this summer playing in the ocean with my family! Chris helped me work on my surfing skills . . . as in he actually got me to stand up on a bunch of waves and gain confidence to try it myself. Which in turn gave me the confidence to help my kids. Thank you Chris. I am forever grateful.  

Why would anyone document a wipe out!?!?!



 Connor took these awesome candids of Chris and I in the ocean together. They are priceless. No one ever takes candids of me and Chris. These mean the world to me. Thank you Connor for a wonderful gift. 

Now that is the face of summer! 

Connor had such a great time boogie boarding that Jess had to get in on the action. 

Such a good big brother.

This beautiful sunset reminds me of Gwendolyn who passed away this July. Our family is blessed to have known such a special girl. We will miss you always Miss. G.

She adores her big bro. 

Cutest little bug. 

Connor had a successful day fishing with the Estrella boys.

We blew up the pool and enjoyed the backyard on a few hot summer days.

I love this pic, Jess' stance cracks me up. 

We had lots of fun at Tammy's pool. 

Sleeping in a fort in the living room. 

Lots of memories, some happy, some sad but all important. 

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