Sunday, January 31, 2016

Still getting caught up from the last 6 months and it feels great!

The last days of summer were filled with BBQs, ice cream treats, beach days, kayaking and playdates.
Then it was time for back to school,  The kids were happy to see friends and teachers they had missed and I was happy to get back into a good routine.

I love where we live!!!! Sandy Santa Barbara is the best place on earth!

Horsey riders from dad.

I enjoyed many runs on the bluff.

Jessy and Gianna goofing around.

 End of summer BBQ at cathedral oaks was super fun! Connor having fun getting zoomed around!

Connor and Bella battling it out. It was so funny to watch. 

A great time was had at Left Hand Ranch where Sarah gave Chris some handstand tips.

Face painting at Marina's was a big hit for Jessy.


Me and my 2 favorites kayaked out to see the seals and cruise the harbor.

That view?!?!?! Um yes please!

Yes that is a real seal only about 15 ft away from us! So cool! 
Seeing animals in nature is so much more exciting than seeing them in the zoo!!

Hip Hip Hooray the kids are back at school.

Jessy is very happy at preschool, she didn't cry one time last year or this year!

Bat Girl! She is so strong!

Back to school means Mommy get's to hike with friends! 

Jessy sporting her work out gear like mom :) 

School is cool.

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