Thursday, March 17, 2016

January 2016

Oh My Gosh I am getting closer to being caught up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We took Connor to the UCSB swim meet so he could watch some amazing swimmer and feel the positive energy that is a swim meet.  I can't wait to watch C swim competitively.

Connor's coach from COAC swam and then got out and handed his UCSB swim cap to Connor. Connor was thrilled!! Coach Andy is the best!

 Beautiful sunset in SB.

Jess and I took wild flower seeds out to the bluffs to sprinkle them around in the hopes that some would grow but noting has so far :(

Falling a sleep on the floor after a huge tantrum seems to be a new theme at 4.5yrs old. Hopefully this doesn't last that long. 

quietly playing in the kitchen

Making sushi with the Estrella Family.

Connor writing in his journal.

1st time at the nail salon.

Connor and his best friend Charlie.

Playing in puddles after the rain. 

Practicing her dance moves . . .

Playing music together.

The mistake of dying my hair dark . . .  

Jess and I totally have the same morning hair! Get that girl a cup of coffee and a flat iron. LOL

Another nap after a tantrum . . .

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