Monday, March 14, 2016

October and November 2015

At 4 years old Jess is starting to be a pretty good Lego builder. 

A good little helper in the kitchen.

A beautiful ballerina.

A fun dinner with our friends the Hulfords who moved here from the Netherlands. 

Little cutie pie.

Halloween at the Club.

 Connor's friend Charlie joined us for a fun little party.

Playing at Hollister.

A really fun hike up to Lizards mouth. 

Lots of cool little spots carved in the rock for the kids to duck into.

many many boulders to climb

a small cave our whole family fit into

It's gross but Jess can put her tongue in her nose, yuck!

grouchy girl

happy girls

 carving pumpkins for Halloween

Connor at Recess Marathon.

More Halloween. . .  .

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