Saturday, January 24, 2009

1st sushi experience

We took Connor to Ichiban a local sushi restaurant in Santa Barbara. Surprisingly he loved it! It was great, they gave him chop sticks that were attached so they we more like tongs and he knew what to do with them right away. He tried and tried to pick things up with them but no success. Maybe next time. He loved the orange row so much that we ordered a small dish of it for him and he gobbled it up like candy. We told him the tuna sashimi was a fish cookie and he gobbled that up to. He was not a fan of the tempura veggies but oh well. He also loved the teriyaki chicken and edamame. It was our 1st time at dinner with him in a while. He was so good, he sat happily in his chair for the whole meal. It was such a treat. Thanks Connor :-)

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