Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh What A Busy Weekend

Friday night Chris and I attended the annual NHR New Year kickoff Party. It was held at Stateside Restaurant and Bar. Which from what I understand is going out of business, too bad it was a pretty cool venue. It was great to see all the familiar faces and visit with the folks from Amsterdam, New York, London and Singapore offices. Many of those folks started in SB then transferred out. You never get so spend enough time with anyone at these events,
there are so many people about 300 or so.

It was fun to get dressed up with Chris for a night out.
Yes we are both in gray - my bad.

Then Saturday morning we took Connor to the farmers market.
This was the 1st time we went with out a stroller.
Can you say "Big Boy" :-(

It was fun to watch Connor try the samples of the
fresh fruit and run around smelling all the flowers.

He loves rough housing and being swung around.
Surprisingly it's mom that gets a little too rough at times,
but I just can't help myself it makes him laugh so much.

Farmers market has the best herb focaccia bread around!!!! We ate the entire loaf that afternoon. They also had Zucchini blossoms. My friend Marina had put a delicious sounding recipe on her blog and I had to try it. They were as delicious as they sounded.

Sunday Morning Breakfast

We were lucky enough to have breakfast with our friends the Wheeler's who moved to the east coast last June. They told us it's zero degrees there right now. OUCH! We were also joined by the Ferrones who are expecting a baby girl the end of this month & the Komikos who are also expecting a baby girl in about 2 months.

Picture taken by Connor Stone

Picture taken by Connor Stone

Could these two be any cuter.

After a wonderful breakfast at Tupelo Junction we took the kids to
Chicken Little for a little crazyness.

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