Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cambria, CA. Jan 2009

Our 1st trip of the year was perfect.
Cambria is a short drive from S.B., a little over two hrs.
We stopped for dinner at a cute little seafood restaurant in Cayucos. They had a wood burning fireplace in the center of the small dining room it was very cozy. We got to our hotel and settled in just before bedtime. Last trip Connor did not sleep so well but this trip he had no problem and stayed on his schedule. Total Miracle!!!

Connor making some phone calls before he realizes

he couldn't walk across the room with this phone... Bummer

In the mornings after breakfast we'd
walk across the street to Moonstone beach.
Which is absolutely beautiful. Such a northern California beach.
Big surf (I was glad Chris was not out there) & the sand
is made up of tumbled smooth stone
& it feels great on your hands and feet.

There is a wonderful wooden boardwalk that Connor enjoyed pushing his stroller down.

See ya buddy.

We all enjoyed the pool and spa.

The afternoon was drizzly and cold.
Perfect weather for viewing elephant seals.
There were lots of seal pups laying with their mommies.
It was quite a sight.

We saw lots of wild life on this trip: horses, cows, zebras, harbor seals,
elephant seals and of course Connor's favorite doggies.

Connor took this pic of Mommy and Daddy.
He took lots of good pictures on our trip.
Connor has become quite a little shutterbug.
One morning we heard him laughing in the bedroom,
when I looked in he was taking pictures of himself in the mirror.

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