Sunday, November 15, 2009

Connor's girls turns 2

We celebrated Reesie's 2nd birthday last weekend
complete with music lessons and fancy treats.

Sarah's mom entertained the kids while the parents party'd.

Connor was the front man for the big band.

Everyone played with Reese's new presents while Sarah refereed.
Then Samantha's yo gabba gabba party was this Saturday.
Ronda and Todd went crazy with yo gabba decorations and it looked awesome!

Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday to me and Happy birthday dear Samantha!

Connor if you don't want that can I have it - TJ

Thank you god for giving me this cupcake I will always eat my lima beans. - Connor

How can I get this all over my face the quickest way possible - Sam
I have an idea I'll put the cupcake on my face and you put the cupcake on yours. - Sam

Round two!
DJ Lance Rock partied with us
Gwendolyn partied with the Yo Gaba Gaba crew!
Make room for big Matt!!

Get out of the ways kids thats my motorcycle toy. - Phil

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