Saturday, November 28, 2009

The latest and the greatest of Thanksgiving 09

We started our Thanksgiving celebrating at the Paskin's pre-thanksgiving party. They served 58 of us and it was wonderful. Sarah & Mike are amazing hosts and it was a lovely party. Lots of great food and wine and many friends.

That weekend we hit the Saturday farmers market. Where we ran into our good friends Todd and Samantha. Connor and Samantha had a great time running around and listening to the different musicians. And the wonderful flowers and produce were just a bonus.

Yummy strawberry juice.

Connor giving Sam a flower. Isn't he so sweet.

Then of course the actual Thanksgiving feast. Chris made the juiciest turkey I've ever had.
It was a mellow Thanksgiving just the 3 of us but it was wonderful. We missed family but we know we will see y'all when you come in next weekend. And yes I put our tree up on Wednesday night so we are calling it the "Thanksgiving Christmas Tree". I think that has a nice ring.

Go Dad!!

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