Monday, March 14, 2011

another great family day

Saturday we went to the Santa Barbara Zoo for Princess Day. While Connor definitely had fun meeting all the princesses, they were a bit of a disappointment compared to the princesses at Disneyland. We had to ask each one who they were because you really couldn't tell. But truly Connor was very happy to meet them all! He really does love princesses and says he is going to marry one when he grow up. Also he now sleeps with a picture of himself and Belle and himself and princess Jasmin above his bed. My sweet sweet boy.

We ran into Eli, Matt and Jameson. Connor had fun hangin with Eli and playing a few rounds of the ring toss. Connor did pretty well, he won a prize both times he played.

Then we went on an amazing hike up San Ysidro trail to the waterfall. There are a few small waterfalls but the one at the top is pretty great. It's a round trip of 4 miles. Connor did great but Chris did have to give Connor a few rides on the way up and carried him on his shoulders the whole way down.

We watched as the courageous people across the way climbed up the side of the mountain. Pretty impressive!

This was a beautiful hike with lots of lush greenery, sweet smelling plants, the sound of flowing water, yellow & purple flowers, plenty of butterflies, a few lizards and of course the waterfalls.

Here is crazy Chris sliding down a little natural water slide. The water was crystal clear and freezing cold!!! but Chris CANNOT resist a water slide.

Beautiful clear water.

And here we made it to the big water fall at the top. It was flowing pretty good but I'm sure after a good rain it must be amazing.

Again we were so proud of Connor! It was a challenging hike especially for an almost 4 year old with no snacks. We have been taking Connor on hikes every weekend for the last 4 or 5 weeks and EVERY time we forget to bring snack on the hike (pregnant mom forgets them in the car). This was our longest hike and we were all starving, so after the hike we treated ourselves to burgers & milk shakes from Tinker's in Summerland. Wow I forgot how delicious their burgers are. I highly recommend making the trip down and indulging.

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