Thursday, March 17, 2011

Playdate at the Ranch

Earlier this week we had a play date with Jessica, Hope, Turner and their new puppy Chillie. Connor had a great time with kids and they have such a SWEET doggie Connor was in love.

The kids had a great time playing pirates together ...

Connor and Hope sharing a moment.

While Turner had no problem keeping up with the "big kids".

We walked down to visit with the horses. It's a lovely walk down a quiet ranch road with green meadows on both sides of the street. It was so nice to let the kids run and run and not worry about cars. Connor was in heaven! We think he might be a track star someday because he loves to run and run.

Pretty horsey.

A few of the horses below were rolling in the dirt which was fun to watch . . . not sure why they do that.

The kids fed the horses hay and pieces of apple.

Oh and the donkeys too as you can see by the large ears on the one Connor is feeding above.

Then Connor was in heaven again when he got to ride Turner's motorized tractor around. Turner kept chasing him with his bike which Connor didn't like but Turner thought it was pretty funny as you can see by the devilish grin he is wearing in the below picture.

The little rancher.
I love this darling lemonade stand their dad build, its so charming.

We had such a nice visit. Thanks Jessica, Hope & Turner.

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  1. Oh Laurie, this is too cute! I should be thanking you though, Connor is such an amazing and sweet boy we love spending time with you both!!


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