Sunday, March 13, 2011

Redondo Beach with friends

Last Sunday we went to Redondo Beach and spent time with our friends Dave & LaVerne. They are our neighbors in SB but their real home is Redondo Beach. When we arrived we walked into the yummy smell of a chocolate cake baking in the oven, which we would have for dessert after dinner that night. After getting settled in Dave and LaVerne or 'Verne' as Connor calls her took us for a tour of the area. When we got back to the house Connor and I helped LaVerne make dinner while Chris and Dave went to "the shop". Dave is a car collector, specifically mercedes benz. Boys will be boys :-)

Chef LaVerne and Sous Chef Connor

We had a nice dinner and followed up with that delicious smelling chocolate cake LaVerne made to celebrate Dave's birthday. The next morning Dave and LaVerne's granddaughter Janey came over. She and Connor ate pancakes together and just had a blast. They were instant best friends in fact when we left for Disneyland Connor kept yelling "Bye princess Jane, I'll miss you & I'll love you forever". Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of Jane :(

Thank you Dave and LaVerne for the warm welcome, the nice tour & the delicious dinner!

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