Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jess' 6 Month Check Up

Weight 16lbs 14ozs = 75% 

Head Circumference 18 1/2 = 97% 
We all joke that she has a big head like dad. However Dr. Abbott was actually concerned because the growth of her head is more rapid than he expected. He said it's a bit of a red flag, that there may be to much fluid on her brain, normally the fluid drains down the spinal column but that there could be a constriction. So we are taking baby Jess in for a ultrasound of her head. They will look into the soft spot in her skull. I'm not exactly sure what they will see but Dr. Abbott said he will call me as soon as he has the results.
Grandma says that the doctors said the same thing about Chris when he was a baby and they never did anything about it. And Chris is fine. I'm sure this is all just a precaution but it does make my heart heavy. Either way Jessica you will be fine. You are a strong little baby!

Height 25 3/4" = 50%

Jessie got a slew of vaccinations and she barely made a peep. She was so stoic. She shed one solitary tear and looked at us with disbelief that it not only happened but happened 3 times :(

This was her after 3 shots. Such a tough girl.

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  1. Jess update: The ultrasound results were negative. Jess' head is just fine. Phew!!


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