Friday, March 30, 2012

Mid March Pix

March is turning out to be a fun filled month. 
These pix are in no particular order. 

Spring is here with sunshine and giant sun flowers.
Climbing trees like leopards . . . with buddy Luke.  

 Happy birthday boy with his amazing T-Rex cake.
Mommy and princess Jess.

The Paskin's invited us to join them at the Jr. League Literacy Gala. We had so much fun and for a good cause. This is the second year in a row that Mike and Sarah have generously hosted us. Thank you Mike and Sarah for a great evening!!!

Getting dolled up for the gala.

Beautiful girlfriends Marina AKA Yummy Mummy and Holley AKA Southern Bell.

 I love getting dressed up with Chris. He is a man with style.

Baby date with Solie.  
 Another great park date with the Schermans.

 Sibling love. XOXOX
 Jess practicing feeding herself, not really but cute ;)
 Connor and Bella fishing for tadpoles at the natural history museum. 
 Jess eating 'Rice Rusks'. She really loves these and actually does feed herself. 
And here is Jess in the big girl stroller. It's a new world looking around and she loves it!

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