Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cowboy Connor

Connor had his 1st riding lesson this Sunday at Harmony Horse Training

Connor rode "Epona," AKA "Pony".  She is a 13.2hh, 12-year-old Welsh Pony mare with the ability to jump 4ft, one of the barn's best jumpers, despite being the smallest. 

She is also the character of the barn, always making people laugh and she loves to eat everything in sight.

Good-hearted and full of energy, she's very fun to ride. Connor LOVED her. He was a confident & calm rider. We were all so impressed. He loved it so much we will continue with lessons here. Here is the little cowboy in action.

First they go get the horse from the barn. 
Here he is carrying the grooming bucket. It looks heavy.
Then Mia showed him how to groom his Pony. Mia was so good at teaching Connor about safety and grooming. BTW The training facility had an amazing view. 

 He cleaned the hooves,
 painted the hooves,
 and collected the gear.

 All ready to go.
Taking Pony to the arena. 
 And he's riding.
 Just riding by himself like a little pro.

 Jessie loved the horses too. She was not even scared of this huge animal right up in her face. She patted his nose and put her hand right in her mouth. 
My little horsey girl.
We are all looking forward to coming back soon.


  1. Greetings,
    You have no idea who I am, but I came to your blog by way of the Stong's--you son looks so much like my youngest son and reminds me so much of Zak growing up and imagine my thrill to see your son now an equestrian!! Zak attended the Ojai Valley School and rode on their team and picked his univeristy solely based on who had an equestrian team. I was a Pony Club mom forever, and Zak still has his horses and rides every chance he has (after graduating from university he attended the maritime academy and also earned his MBA and is now a cruise ship captain).
    I thought I should say "Hi".

    1. Hi Mari,

      Nice to meet cyber meet you. It's great to hear what a positive experience your son had being an equestrian! And that he stayed with it and it's still a big part of his life.
      Connor loves horse and he pretends he is a cowboy all the time. When he is not at school he is constantly in cowboy boot and a cowboy hat. So he was thrilled to have a riding lesson. He even said "mom, my brain is a good way. Because I'm so excited". And I'm sure you remember the feeling of pride when you 1st saw your son ride on his own. My heart was bursting. He was just so cute and confident. I'm looking forward to seeing him develop as a rider and his love of animals.
      Thanks for saying Hi.
      Best, Laurie


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