Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Europe pic

We had lunch at the London Eye Barracuda. I'm sure it's a bit touristy but it had good food, was pretty quiet and had AC & a perfect view of  the Palace of Westminster. On a hot day in a crowded city it was a little oasis. 

I loved that the little french fry basket was lined with London news paper. 


 London Eye

I've seen these sidewalk water fountains before but they are an absolute haven in the middle of the city on a hot day. Connor took off his shirt & shoes and had at it just like about 15 other kids I counted in the 30 minutes we hung there. Then we cursed across the street and purchased a nice dry outfit. 

 Awesome cake I saw in a bakery window.

 This bottle was a good end to a SUPER LONG day.

I love my crazy family.
Connor drew this picture of his family and of course Jesus. 

Here we are in front of Buckingham Palace it was cool watching them set up for the Olympics across the street. 

 Big brother entertaining Jess. 

 In the lobby of our hotel they put out a darling display of cupcakes in the spirit of the Queens Diamond Jubilee.
Connor grew so much on this trip he grew right out of his shoes. 

Baby Jess just relaxing at the hotel. She was so good... but don't get me wrong traveling to Europe with an 8 month old makes you want to jump out a window.

 Connor enjoying the science museum's water play area.

 Dad enjoying the airplane exhibit with his favorite boy.

More to come . . .

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