Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wow life sure has gotten very busy now that we've returned from Europe. Getting our home ready to rent, securing a place to live in Holland, getting the paper work together, packing and spending as much time with our dear friends as we can.

Here are some of my favorite moments of these last few weeks. 
(These pictures are not in order but as I barely have time to add this post . . . this will have to do.)

 We had a lovely bbq at Holley's house and these little ones were so happy to be together!
Thank you Holley for the wonderful food and your friendship.

 This is the 1st box.  This was a moment. Sad but exciting. We are slowly packing up and getting ready for the big move. Holland here we come!

 Jessy enjoying herself at a quiet happy hour at Sarah's.
Thank you lady.

This was Jessica's 1st time in a swing and she loved it. We need to do lots more swinging with this little bug bug.

Kids + chickens make for great pictures.

Zoo playdate with Bella and Leila.

Our zoo playdate ended up at the beach . . . that's a good transition in my book.

Chris and I had a picnic date at shoreline park . . . it was actually a disaster ;(
But we did have a few minutes of sunshine, wine and peace.

 I love this photo Marina took of the girls at the beach.

 Man am I going to miss SB and my SB mommy friends!

 Jessy and her big sis Sammy.

 Lunching with the ladies and our 6 kids at the Bacara Hotel. Not a bad day.

 Swimming at the bacara.

Chris horsing around at a polo match... Har har har 

Wow Jessica loves standing. She is still not crawling and doesn't like being on her tummy but she loves to stand. She is too damn cute!

The best thing about coming home was coming home to celebrate Ronda's birthday. Todd surprised her with a wine tasting birthday party. It was a fun filled fantastic day! Happy Birthday best friend! I love you.

The ladies.
The Gents.

The birthday hug. 
Pretty girls.

Thatcher sharing a movie moment with Gwendolyn at happy hour.

T Ball! T ball is awesome. It's so much fun to watch Connor play. It's great to see him learning the fundamentals and having such a great time.

Goooooo Marlins!!!

Connor's 1st trophy . . . priceless! 

 Phew... almost caught up.


  1. We are going to miss you guys so much!

  2. That T-Ball picture of the boys on the bench is a framer!


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