Sunday, June 24, 2012

This week . . .

 Connor lookin pretty sharp with his new haircut. 

Thatcher the pirate, Samantha the transformer & Connor the firefighter. 
3 crazy kids.

 Look at the muscles on Samantha.

The latest big news is that baby Jess pulled herself up for the first time to standing on the good old red car that grandma gave Connor for his 1st bday. Go Jess! 

 Connor attended and completed a week of Safety Town camp. (Any SB mommies reading this you are going to want your kids to attend this. It's awesome!) 

 We did some more packing on Saturday and found this funny penguin hat for Jessica. Who by the way is getting cuter, stronger & funnier by the day. On a side note Jessica is a binky (pacifier) addict. She has that thing in her mouth 24/7. The day we try to get rid of that will be scary. . . 

 Connor made his baby sister a sweet beach nest of rocks and seaweed. 

 Dad and Connor skipping rocks. 
These are the good old days.

Helloooo family.

 Popsicle on the beach! This kid doesn't know how good he has it. 

And Jessica loves the beach. She loves eating sand which is about the only thing she will take that damn binky out for. But she is a happy baby so I'm not changing a thing unless you count moving to the other side of the world and changing everything. 

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