Saturday, February 23, 2013

An evening stroll

We had a lovely walk after dinner last Sunday. It was still very cold but quite beautiful out. I'm REALLY looking forward to the days getting longer and the weather getting a bit warmer and doing lots of after dinner walks. 

Messy faced Jessy. Adorable.

Yes I know nothing I have on matches.

My little warrior.

Be dorks posing by the pond.

I love the pink light behind the trees and the reflection on the pond.

Can you spot the owl?

The sign at the end of our street. 

Happy boy.


  1. You are all so cute. And that pond is beautiful!

  2. Hi Laurie...what a gorgeous family you have! It looks like you all make the most of each and every day. You are so kind to stop by my blog...always lovely to meet a fellow traveller. The expat life is an adventurous looks like you are off to a great start!

    Best wishes for a lovely weekend...

    Jeanne xx


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