Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ciao from Italy

As an early Valentine's gift to each other we took a trip to Milan, Italy. Chris and I both love love love Italy. We love the food, the wine, the culture, the art, the history and the natural beauty of its landscape. I mean what is more beautiful than the rolling hills of Tuscany or the deep blue waters of lake Como. Every time we are here I feel like I'm in a dream. 

Lake Como is just as stunning as everyone says it is. It's simply breathtaking. I would love to return when the weather is warm as it was off season while we were there so there was no place to rent a boat which was our plan :( 
Hopefully we will make it back this summer and we can visit George Clooney at his lake side villa, HA!

The snow capped mountains in the background gave you the feeling that you were so close to the Alps. I'm sure in the spring when the mountains are green it will be quite spectacular. 

We drove around the bottom half of the lake (it's a big lake) just gorgeous. Truly NONE of my pictures do it any justice:( At every turn Chris and I would look at each other and exclaim "Oh My Gosh Amazing"!

Even though it was off season we were still able to have a wonderful lunch over looking the lake.
Sadly I cannot recall the name of the restaurant but it was in the square that looks over the lake in the village of  Cernobbio. The restaurant  was filled with Italians not tourists which is always a good sign in my book. The food was excellent and the view was incredible. Jessy loved the risotto as did Chris and I, while Connor was very happy with his fresh pasta. 

Also in the little square on the lake was a playground with a carousel. It was a great spot to let the kids burn some energy before we got back in the car.

These 2 loved the carousel! Jess was dancing and bouncing up and down with excitement and Conn`or is always game for a carousel ride.

We also found a place to get what I would have to say is the best hot chocolate in all of EUROPE!
If you are ever in the village of Bellagio make sure to stop in to Birra Bellagio, it's right across the from the ferry.

Baby Diva and mommy having an aperitivo in the beautiful lounge at the Westin Palace.

After our last trip where I accidentally booked us an apartment in the ghetto I decided to splurge a little this trip, I mean it was our valentine's gift to each other after all. We stayed at the Westin Palace Milan in a super deluxe suite. It was the most gorgeous room I have ever stayed in and it was HUGE! It reminded me of a few of the residential jobs I worked on for SFA Design before Connor was born; beautiful decorative molding, venetian plaster, gold leafing, antiqued mirrors, old books and several crystal chandeliers. EVERY detail was perfect and perfectly Italian. We had a beautiful bedroom with sitting area, a separate living room and dining room, our own Turkish bath as well as multiple bathroom!  When we arrived there was a  wonderful bottle of Champagne with fruits and chocolates waiting for us in our room. I really felt like a princess. Thank you Chris!

The first night we were there we decided to eat in and enjoy our room a bit. When they delivered our meal they came in and set the dining table and even brought Jessy a highchair! We were feeling very spoiled. 

I have no idea why but Jess decided to sit in the corner to eat her snack . . .  maybe she was avoiding Connor so she wouldn't have to share. HA!

Duomo di Milano


Gelato is a must have while in Italy.

Bar Turati was a simple old Italian espresso bar where we had lunch one day. I speak a tiny bit of Italian, which I think is the most beautiful language. I could just sit and listen to people chatting in a cafe for hours. I find that people really appreciate when you try to speak their language even if you butcher it. (sadly 6 month into living in Holland and I can barely speak a word of Dutch, MUST work on that). The Italian people are so warm and friendly and they always seem to love our kids. One lady came to our table at lunch and asked if she could just hold Jessy for a minute. Then later in the day one of the gentleman who had worked in the bar recognized us on the street and greeted us so warmly and gregariously . . . we were starting to feel like we were locals.

I love how the sunlight is just kissing the top of Connor's blond hair. 
He looks so much older and serious here. . . 
You are growing up too fast!

Date Night
We celebrated an early Valentine's date night out in Milan. We put Jessy to bed and left Connor to play go fish with the babysitter (an American gal living in Milan who was the mother of a 7 year old boy. We knew he was in capable hands). The concierge had made us a reservation at Ristorante Solferino which was fabulous! I am no food photographer but I had to document this meal and this night. The homemade pumpkin ravioli with brown butter and sage was delicious and Chris dinner WOW! Fillet with roasted zucchini and artichoke and white beans (bean are bean but man Italians do something magical with the simplest of foods).
After a wonderful meal we headed to Blue Note which is a famous NYC Jazz club that happens to have a venue in Milan as well. There we caught the late performance of the Billy Cobham band.
A simply perfect date night. Thank you Milan :)

One morning Connor was not feeling well after breakfast. Chris being the sweet sweet husband that he is said he would take the kids back to the hotel and I could go off on my own. At first I was a little sad to be alone (I'm really not used to it as I have a 24/7 side kick) but after a bit of time and a glass of wine I was thrilled to be enjoying some alone time in the fashion capitol of the world. First I had a leisurely lunch in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II which is an absolutely gorgeous glass covered arcade connecting 2 famous piazzas: Duomo and Scala. It really is worth it to google images of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II to see what I mean. It's truly stunning! I also roamed the Duomo and did a little window shopping.
All in all it was a lovely trip and made me very excited to plan another trip there this summer hopefully one where we can lounge by the Mediterranean sea.


  1. looks so fabulous! you looks beautiful and happy, and I can definitely see a change in Connor growing up! Thanks for the vicarious trip to Italia!! xoxoxo

  2. looks like such a wonderful trip and an idyllic valentine's day celebration. hope to visit there one day. you certainly do know how to dangle a carrot! :-)

  3. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful to see you so happy! That suite looks AMAZING. Happy Valentine's Day.


    p.s. I have the same puffer coat from Zara in black! Great minds...

    1. Happy Valentine's Day Dana. I have to say I am loving Zara and Mango. XOX

  4. I am in total envy right now! What a wonderful way to celebrate <3 Day! And you are looking quite chic with the fish nets. Hugs from plain 'ol California ; )

    1. Thanks Jenn and Happy Valentine's Day plain'ol CA. xox


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