Sunday, February 3, 2013

What's happening here . . . random iphone pix

The kids are growing at lightening speed and changing everyday. 

Here is Jessy and daddy playing dolls in the kitchen on a Saturday morning. 
Oh and that skirt is Jess' favorite and she will wear it for several days in a row and even over her pj's. 
She will bring it over to me and lift up a foot to show me she wants to step into it, then she will bring over some boots and sit in front of me with her foot in the air until I put her boots on. She is not saying much yet but she is very cleaver at communicating her wants. 

Chris and I had a "day date" in Amsterdam last week to go art shopping. The house we are renting here has lots of wonderful art (I am going to do a post on it soon) and we are enjoying it so much, that it's inspired us to look for a piece or two. We are hoping to find a painting that really represents the natural beauty of the Holland landscape. No luck yet . . . but it's been fun looking. 
The curators (I think that's what you call them) working in the galleries we looked at were very warm and informative. In a few of the galleries you could really tell how much the curator loved the artist and loved to talk about the work and life of the artist. It really was such an enjoyable process.

Oh and the frozen canals . . .
I just love the little duck foot prints through the snow on top of the ice.

Seeing the frozen canals in Amsterdam  was such a unique experience, one I will never forget.

Chris the Eskimo. . .  yes it is very cold here.

Connor being a sweet sweet boy to Jess.

My poor little angle. 
Jess has been very sick this week, high fevers, vomiting, and wheezing. Sick enough that I brought her in to see the doctor twice :(
He gave us a prescription for a rescue inhaler but since she doesn't understand how to use it we have to hold her down and hold a facemask on her until she breathes in the medicine. I do this 4X a day and it SUPER SUCKS. She doesn't understand what is happening and freaks out every time but it works like magic! She is breathing better in what seems like less than a minute. Yay for modern medicine.  

And when Jess is not sick she is tearing apart the house. This is the scene in the bathroom after I locked her in with me so I could take a quick shower. (note to self remove toilet paper from role and hide plunger before doing this again). HA!


  1. loved seeing all these pictures! makes me miss you but i feel like i'm not quite so far away with your blog posts! hope jess is feeling better soon! xoh

  2. Awesome update! The kids are growing up : ) Hope Jess is on mend! Kalista was sick all last week with bronchitis and crazy temps too!


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