Monday, June 16, 2014

Chris you are the best Dad ever and our kids are beyond lucky to have you!

Chris had very specific requests for Father's Day weekend. A day at the beach surfing and an afternoon in the Valley lunching at Firestone Brewery and having some fun in the valley.

We started the morning with me taking the kids to the gym while Chris got a little solo surf session at Mesa Lane. I got my yoga on and he got his surf on. Then we met at Goleta beach with a picnic. Goleta beach is much easier with the kids. . . and Connor got his surf on. (Well boogie board on).

Chris bought him a new board and suit a few weeks ago and he is in heaven.

Connor looking adorable in his new wetsuit!

Oh no! Jessy where are your legs!?!?!?!?

Ha! After the beach we headed to Poloma for a JalapeƱo margarita and yummy dinner.

Then Sunday we made Dad a nice breakfast and gave him his gifts.

Daddy got lots of hugs and kisses over the weekend. 

The family shot.

Lunch at the Firestone Brewery was delicious and thanks to head phones the iPad and the iPhone it was very relaxing as well.

In between stops we took the kids to Sunny Fields Park to let them burn some energy. They had an absolute blast! Chris chased them both around the whole place and they loved it! 

After the park we enjoyed some family time at Los Olivos Cafe. 

Refreshing chilled wine and super delicious deserts. 

Yes Connor on Father's Day dad took you to get a mohawk. And you look like such a super cutie.

And I don't care what anyone says . . .  SHE LOOKS LIKE HER MAMA!  

Happy Father's Day my darling. You know you are the glue that holds us together, the person who keeps mom sane, makes awesome memories for Connor by taking the time to coach baseball and play catch. You are shaping them by reading to them, singing to them, encouraging them, disciplining them (well at least C . . .  Jessy just doesn't listen to you at ALL) HA. Thank you for making us your priority always and showing each of us everyday how much we mean to you. We are grateful and humbled by your kindness, compassion and love everyday. And just in case I was not clear you are doing a KICK ASS job at being a Dad! 
We love you! xoxox 

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