Friday, June 6, 2014

The last weeks before summer vacation were full of fun fun fun and then some regular stuff too.

More family walks out to the bluffs.

Zoo dates with our buddy Chaise. Jess is looking quite the tom boy here. Which she may or may not turn out to be. But I did notice her pretending to shoot people with a stick the other day.... I'm guessing from copying big brother.

Sporting big C's YMCA baseball cap.

Connor's school held a family festival where each class preformed a song. Connor said he loves to sing but during the performance he mostly just smiled. I have to say I am very happy with the music teacher at his school. Miller James did an awesome job with each groups performance. 

Chris and I enjoyed an absolutely wonderful Friday night date in Monitcito.
First we watched a private viewing of a film about Marina's grandmother's life. My Shanghai
Definitely worth checking out!
Then we headed over to the Four Seasons for a lovely dinner by the sea. I will venture to say, one of our best dates ever! Thanks for the suggestion Marina!

Connor and his classmate Raul working on their chalk drawing at school . . .  with a cameo from Raul's little sister Mia in the white hat.

Jessy and I had a date at rock n kids.... lots of fun!

Learning to sleep without the Binkie. Phew about time.

Connor copied Adam's cool mustache at Beck and Asher's birthday party. Lookin' good boys.

And Jessy the beautiful butterfly! 

More proof (for myself mostly) that she no longer sleeps with a binkie.

Sulking in the front seat because I will not let her play with the shifter. We clock in many hours sitting in the parking lot at Kumon waiting for Connor. I would bring books to look at or give her the iPad or my phone but then I was worried she was getting to much screen time and started to let her climbed into the front seat and we would make it reading time . . . I don't know if it's worth the hassle of fighting with her about the damn knobs and shifter MOST of the time. Maybe more screen time is just what she needs. HA! HA!

Celebrating Ronda's and Mike's Birthday with a fun afternoon of wine tasting in the funk zone.

I tried to take a quick selfie of me and my bestie but both hubbies photo bombed. HA! 
And Ronda you look amazing! #nofilter best friend is a true beauty outside and in. 

Happy times! 

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