Sunday, June 15, 2014

Random pix that make me smile.

I took Jess to visit Good Shepard again. We just love visiting and getting her comfortable for when school starts in August. 

Climbing climbing climbing  . . .


And a few minutes of solitude thanks to dad cleaning up dinner and putting the kids in the bath.

A bitter sweet goodbye to Connor's awesome 1st grade teacher Mrs. Zink. 

Another great family walk out to the bluffs. This time we tried out the tire swing. It was fun but hard to take pictures.

And a stunningly beautiful walk home.

Jess' chasing some random ducks on our way home. Ha! SO cute!!!

Hiking Rattle Snake Canyon.

Hiking always makes us happy.

Pretend fishing with the kids....

Life is good . . . we are counting our blessings.

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