Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A visit with Grandma and a quick trip to Vegas.

Grandma came down and spent a week with us in SB. It was so wonderful having her here. The kids got lots and lots of extra attention and love!  

They played piano . . .

built blocks, did puzzles, played baseball, watched movies and lots more fun things.
Grandma even let Chris and I get away for a few nights! Thank you Grandma!!!

Eating pizza and watching movies :)

A night out in Las Vegas.

Batting practice with Grandma! 

Enjoying a snack in the sunshine.

The Delano Hotel was very cool. I loved the decor! 

The pool was pretty neat too.

and back at home Grandma was doing a wonderful job spoiling the kids with love!

Jessy using the bases as accessories.

Grandma took Connor to his baseball game where he caught a pop fly! Good job Connor.

Goofing around.

Last night in Vegas.

Reading stories together in Mom and Dads bed. Cozy cozy :)

Grandma visiting Jess' school.
Thanks for spending the week with us and for all your help around the house and with the kids! 
We love you Grandma!

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