Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend at Left Hand Ranch

What a super duper terrific weekend at Left Hand Ranch.

Mike organized an amazing boys night complete with batting practice, s'mores, motor bikes, swimming, grilled steaks  . . .  the works! Seriously lucky little dudes. 

Cute little men.


The following day the ladies joined the fun and boy did we have fun!

the batting beauties ;)
Sarah is quite the ripper! 

I did pretty good myself. 
I had not swung a bat in many many years and it was so much fun! 
Looks like I will be joining the boys at the batting cages soon. 

Thatcher gets cuter and cuter every minute. 

Jess loved jumping off the rock a million time.

Happy kiddos.

 Chris' famous super man dive.

Chow'n down.

crispy red cheeks

We made a visit to the mini long horns down the road.

Country road take me home . . . .  

back at the pool

and some very tired and happy munchkins. 
The End.

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